Human resource development is key to the success and survival of any organization today. A good training center can play a vital role in developing the human resources of an organization which ultimately increases the efficiency, better customer service and prestige of the organization. As a service oriented business organization, Dhaka WASA has a Training Center of its own. This training center is the only one training center in water and sanitation sector in Bangladesh.

Dhaka WASA’s training needs were appraised by IDA Appraisal Mission on DWASA Second Project in 1979. The Appraisal Report on training component had demanded that there should be an in-house training facility to cater for Dhaka WASA/Chittagong WASA and accordingly Credit and Project Agreements were signed by incorporating the same provision.

Under the aforesaid background, Dhaka WASA Training Centre was established in 1980 initially by appointing a Chief Training Officer with a view to improving knowledge, skill and working spirit of all the officers/staffs employed in different divisions of DWASA for smooth and efficient operation of the organization. It started its functions in a rented house at 73/1, Green Road, Dhaka. Since its establishment in 1980, the center has been working relentlessly for improving the officers and staffs working in Dhaka WASA.

The Training Center has two sections- one is engineering section and the other is finance and administration section. The engineering section arranges training courses related to engineering discipline. On the other hand the finance and administration section arranges training courses for the employees working under Administration & Finance wing.

The Training Centre is headed by the Chief Training Officer (CTO). Under the CTO there are 2 (two) Joint-Chief Training Officers (JCTO), 3 (three) Deputy-Chief Training Officers (DCTO), 4 (four) Trainers and other supporting staffs. All of them organize, implement and co-ordinate training programs. At present the Training Centre performs all training related activities. This centre organizes In-house training programs, prepares nomination papers for Local and Foreign training courses/workshops/seminars.